AGCO Net Wrap vs. Twine Calculator

Discover the advantages of using AGCO Net Wrap as compared to twine tied bales. We're sure you will agree that the time and money saved using AGCO Net Wrap will pay dividends each time you bale.
Tractor HP
Baling Volume
Baling Measurement
AGCO Net Wrap Inputs

Twine Inputs

NOTE: Twine calculations are calculated using two end wraps.
Cost Comparison Twine AGCO Net Wrap
Material Used to Wrap Bale (ft.)
Bales Per Twine Ball/AGCO Net Wrap
Cost per Bale
Balls of Twine/AGCO Net Wrap Required Annually
Total Cost of Twine/Net Wrap
Results Twine AGCO Net Wrap
Time To Tie/Wrap One Bale (seconds)
Additional Cost Per Bale Using AGCO Net Wrap
Time Savings Using AGCO Net Wrap (seconds)
Time Savings Annually (working hours)
Annual Estimated Fuel Cost Savings
Annual Estimated Labor Cost Savings
Time savings using AGCO Net Wrap is only one of the benefits you receive.
  • Reduced Machine Wear - fewer hours of baler and tractor run time
  • Bale Appearance - more uniformity and higher quality
  • Bale Storage - easier since bales are securely wrapped
  • Transport Advantages - uniform and tight bales that won't fall apart
  • Baler Resale Value - increased due to reduced equipment hours
The costs calculated by this calculator are only estimates. The actual amounts will vary based upon your conditions, maintenance, operator experience, bale preparation and other factors. This is only a tool for estimating. Actual costs may vary.
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